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Fire Door

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Fire doors which are important with respect to exit from fire zone; open to fire-escape stairs of the buildings. People usually exit with life safety from the doors situated at rear or side parts of the buildings. Now, the presence of fire doors has become mandatory in high-rise buildings. They attract attention as spots through where people can exit safely during a fire.

The doors marked with an exit text are pretty much among the fire doors which are emergency exit doors. There are fire doors resistant respectively, up to 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 180 degrees starting from 30 degrees.

In this field containing many fire door models; there are also models like fire door with panic bar, glazed fire door, steel door, decorative fire doors, standard fire doors. At the same time, door accessories are among the inevitable components of fire doors. Door handles and shaft covers come to the forefront in this field.

The door cutting the environment off from the fire and ensuring the safety of the relevant building and people is called fire door. Fire doors must also possess certain technical characteristics. Life and property safety of the people will be under protection in case of fire by dint of these technical characteristics.

  • Panic handle that assists in opening the door from inside even though it is closed from outside,
  • Never leak the smoke outside through expansion because of heat,
  • Special gasket,
  • Convenient for attaching fire-resistant glasses,
  • Availability of single or double leaves,
  • Opening inward or outward,
  • Opening rightward or leftward,
  • Adjustable hinges,
  • Spring hinge,
  • Smoke-tight under-door guillotine,
  • Painted with desired ral color,
  • Average most appropriate frame types,
  • Fire-resistant hydraulic.

The aforementioned properties; are the technical characteristics of fire doors. A measure would be taken with respect to not leaking the fire outside and exit from the fire zone owing to these properties.

The presence of fire doors has become compulsory in all kind of areas especially including fire equipments and high-possibility of fire. Fire doors can be supplied also from international organizations operating domestically, as well as can be imported specifically from abroad.

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