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Fire Extinguishing Clothing

All products are imported, with EN 469 and CE certificates, 4-layer including the outer layer, Water-Proof, Heat-Proof, Absorbs the sweat that occurs on the body, Two-pieces as coat and pants.

The use of fire extinguishing clothing is also mandatory in order to ensure work safety during a fire. These clothing which is necessitated during a fire, in case of fire fighting and during studies for rescuing life or property from the fire; appears in front of us with different models.

These clothing which is necessary for work safety; appears in front of us with types such as helmet, boots, gloves, pants, headgears. At the same time, uniform firefighter clothing is also frequently preferred in this area. Jumping sheets, jumping pillows, flash lights, axes, head lamps, filters, escape hoods and fire blankets also still rank among the materials used during a fire.

Fire extinguishing clothing is supposed to have the characteristics resistant to heat and flames. Because, this is an important point for the purpose of protecting the firefighting team against the fire. At the same time, breathing tube is an essential point required to be considered for avoiding the firefighting squad to be affected by harmful gases during intervention.

Clothes for approaching the fire with trousers barrier, braided headgear, helmet, firefighter boots, firefighter gloves, aluminized type firefighter clothes, civil defense clothes, firefighter type hatchet, air suction and discharge units, thermal displayed camera, gas detection and measuring device, jumping pillow, rescue liberator, S.O.S. rescue squad, full-face gas mask, telescopic ladders, fresh air respiratory kit, personal inactivity device; are among the clothing and equipments having importance in terms of work safety and required to be used during a fire.

By means of these clothing and equipments required to be used during fire fighting; damages of the fire will be reduced to minimum. Otherwise, intervention in the fire will also become a very risky situation. Fighting the fire without equipments and fire extinguishing clothing poses a threat in terms of life safety. The intervention in this way is inconvenient in every aspect.

Therefore, these clothing must be kept ready before intervening in the fire zone and the firefighting team must move towards the zone after wearing these fire extinguishing clothing. In this way, both the lives of the intervening team will be protected by ensuring work safety and the fire zone will get the least damage. 

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