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Fire Pump

Yangın Pompası - Eksel Yangın

Fire pumps; have different features used for daily needs. We can enumerate the objective of fire pumps and materials required in fire pumps as follows:

  • 1 electric motor pump, diesel engine spare pump with same capacity, in place of diesel-engine pump; 3 extra pumps that serve to back up half of the capacity are also selected. At the same time, it is necessary to keep 1 more pump due to leakage probability. If there is a generator capable of operating the pumps used for fighting against the fire; the spare pump can also be selected as electric motor just like the main pump.
  • Zero flow pressure of the pump should not be more than 140% of the nominal pressure. If the capacity needed to fight against the fire is 200m3/h and 100 mss; the closed valve in the selected pump must not exceed 280 mss and fire pump curve must be parallel to the horizontal axis as much as possible.
  • The pump selection should be done in such a manner that will operate at 1.5 times of the nominal flow. At the same time, the pump pressure should also not be lower than 65% of nominal pressure.
  • 5-line soft gasket must be used for sealing. The reason for this; gaskets are able to continue to operate owing to their soft structure even though they’re damaged.
  • A separate control board is also required for each pump in the pumps used for fire fighting.

In the group of pumps used for firefighting; there are fire pumps consisting of electric motor and diesel driven 2 main pumps and 1 extra jokey pump and fire pumps consisting of more than one electric motors driven pump and 1 extra pump.

Different operation system is available for the system in both 2 fire pumps and therefore the following elements may also be needed:

  • Electric motor driven main pump system,
  • Diesel engine driven main pump system,
  • Electric motor driven 1 extra pump system,
  • Pump control boards selected and applied for main pumps,
  • Audible and lighted alarm devices.
  • Instruments required to be integrated into buildings. 

Yangın Pompası Fiyatları

Yangınla mücadelede kullanılan pompa gruplarında; birden çok elektrik motor tahrikli pompa ve 1 adet ekstra pompadan oluşan yangın pompaları ve elektrik motorlu ve dizel tahrikli 2 ana pompadan ve 1 adet ekstra jokey görevi gören pompadan oluşan yangın pompaları yer almaktadır.

Her 2 yangın pompalarında da sistemin değişik çalışma sistemi mevcuttur ve bu yüzden aşağıdaki elemanlara da ihtiyaç duyulabilmektedir:

  • Elektrik motoru tahrikli ana pompa sistemi,

  • Dizel motor tahrikli ana pompa sistemi,

  • Elektrik motoru tahrikli 1 adet ekstra pompa sistemi,

  • Ana pompalar için seçilen ve uygulanan pompa kontrol panoları,

  • Sesli ve ışıklı alarm cihazları,

  • Binalara entegre edebilmek için gerekli olan cihazlar.

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