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Fire Respiratory Apparatuses

Technical Information

    • Fighter back is always in the correct position in order to provide maxxmotion and trade; rotary–and- pivot mechanism
    • Firefighters guidance in any cases
    • Carrying handles
    • Recovery of intermediate-ride junction points
    • Three selection audible low air alarm
    • Visual low air alarm front (second stage regulator) and rear (airpod and trade; bag)
    • Battery status indicator
    • Speed change and trade; cylinder lock – and- exit mechanism practical cylinder changeout
    • Central power supply

In the fire zone, fire respiratory apparatuses are utilized for enabling the people to respire and get sufficient oxygen. Fire respiratory apparatuses must be available in the places with high-probability of fire, in the areas where fire extinguishing systems are installed, inside of fire cabinets.

Because when a fire breaks out, the oxygen amount decreases and carbon dioxide ratio shows an instant rise. Therefore, respiration becomes difficult for people in the fire zone and this situation leads to poisoning. For this reason, fire respiratory apparatuses should have been positioned in such a way that people can easily get them when a fire occurs. Fire respiratory apparatuses are inevitable especially for firefighters. Respiration suggests a significant meaning also for firefighters.

In the air where people breathe; there’re 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide and 0.96% miscellaneous gases. When the air starts to heat up; these rates change and air combines with water vapor. 74% nitrogen, 19.6% oxygen, 6.1% water vapor, 0.03% carbon dioxide exist in the air.

When a fire breaks out; the amount of oxygen rapidly decreases and respiration becomes very difficult for people. In the meantime, fire respiratory apparatuses are needed. There’re 2 kinds of these apparatuses:

  • 2-tube fire respiratory apparatuses containing 4 liters air under 200 bar pressure,
  • Single-tube respiratory apparatuses containing 6 liters air under 300 bar pressure.

Fire respiratory apparatuses are composed of 3 components. These apparatuses made up of carrying frame, carrying cord and backrest; provides easy carrying although they’re heavy with the help of the backrest. Meanwhile, another task of the backrest; in case of cooling the tubes after used, it doesn’t reflect the coldness occurred in the tube. Meanwhile on the carrying frame; there are relief valve, pressure reducing valve and warning button.

At the same time, another important point in fire respiratory apparatuses; are masks. These masks assist in protection of the face and allow the respiratory apparatus to fit well on the head. Since its sealing feature at outer portion; it doesn’t leak the toxic air inside during a fire. These masks also contain the glasses with a wide viewing angle.  

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