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FM-200 Fire Extinguishing Systems

FM200 gaseous extinguishing among the automatic fire extinguishing systems; is preferred due to having features like colorless and odorless. FM200 filled in tubes under a pressure of 25bars; are kept in liquid form. The reason for so often preference of FM200 fire extinguishing systems which are widely used; is not damaging visually the application area and has not a threatening effect on human health.

The gas present in liquid form inside; is applied on the flammable area through spraying and FM200 gas forms a layer by covering the flammable surface in the form of glaciers. FM 200 gas in a structure similar to halon gas; is not a chemical like halon gas but a physical fire extinguishing system.

FM 200 gaseous extinguishing among the automatic fire extinguishing systems; is the most effective gas in respect of fire extinguishing with about 7% performance created with the air. Especially due to not reflecting the physical damage given by other extinguishers; is the leading automatic fire extinguishing system used widespread today. This is again an advantage of FM 200.

The emerging fire must be put out as soon as possible to avoid causing much loss. Otherwise, various systems and units present where the fire breaks out are destroyed. FM200 gaseous extinguishing systems; are of great value due to capable of intervening in a short time.

After activation of fire alarm, the ignition system automatically intervenes in the event and spraying operations is applied on the combustible surface within about 8 seconds.

One of the most important features of FM 200 fire extinguishing systems; is not leaving permanent damage on the combustible surface and various equipments. Serious damages appear physically on the surfaces where fire extinguishing systems containing water, foam or chemical powder are applied.

Because of this problem, FM200 gas has been developed and started to be used widely due to not leaving physical damage on the application surface. Especially in the areas intervened by FM200 gas; not necessitating any cleaning after fire is the most important factor in respect of widespread usage of this system. It doesn’t also pose problems even in the areas where electrical devices are situated.
The essential features of FM200 gas can be enumerated as follows;

  • It is a colorless gas.
  • Gives off odor.
  • Nonconductor.
  • Doesn’t harm the ozone layer.
  • Doesn’t contain elements threatening the human health because of not being a chemical gas.
  • FM200 gas, a physical gas; in case of proper use, doesn’t also inflict the damage caused by other extinguishers on the flammable surface.
  • It spreads over the relevant medium within a short period of time.
  • It is economically more cost-efficient compared by other extinguishers.

The areas where FM200 fire extinguishing systems are widely used are as follows;
Computer Chambers, Telephone Exchanges, Communication Centers, Museums, Art Galleries, System Control Rooms, Generator Divisions, Power Distribution Centers, Bank Safes, Libraries, Storage Areas like Tape, Floppy Disks and Disks, Liquid Tanks that can be flared up such as Acetone.

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