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Foam Extinguishing Systems

Foam extinguishing systems, are generally used for putting out inflammable and liquid chemicals or fuels. Protein-based, synthetic-based, alcohol-resistant and film-forming foam kinds may vary according to their chemical properties. Foam extinguishing systems which can be formed manually, can also be designed automatically; prevents the growth of the fire by intervening immediately to the combustible region. The areas where the foam is generally used widespread;

  • Foam sprinkler system,
  • Foam fire cabinets,
  • Tank extinguishing system,
  • Foam monitor system,
  • Foam generator and so on.

The main properties of Foam fire extinguishing systems which possess effective extinguishing impact are as follows:

  • It prevents the oxygen coming into contact with fuel vapor.
  • It precludes the vaporization occurring on the fuel surface.
  • Separates the flame and fuel surface from each other.
  • It assists in cooling the metal surfaces existing around or on the fuel surface.

Meanwhile, fire types on which the foam is effective are as follows:

  • Crude oil fires,
  • Gasoline fires,
  • Jet fuel fires,
  • Petrol fires,
  • Fuel oil fires,
  • Naphtha fires,
  • Fires occurring in alcohol,
  • Fires occurring in ketone,
  • Fires occurring in ether,
  • Fires occurring in esters.

Foam fire extinguishing; is highly effective in above fire types named as hydrocarbon fires and Polar Solvents.
Foam extinguishing systems, with a pretty wide application areas, are usually preferred in; plane and helicopter hangars, warehouses, stations where fuels are loaded or unloaded, paint manufacturing workshops, plants where chemical substances are produced or stored, the areas where flammable and combustible liquids are stored, filling areas of flammable and combustible liquids, shipyards, docks, petroleum refineries, marinas and similar areas.

Due to its property of immediate intervention and quickly taking the control; it affects the inflammable surface within a short time and precludes possible big fires.
Foam extinguishing system, which are quite widely used especially in petroleum refineries, aircraft and helicopter hangars, shipyards, piers, fuel filling and storing plants; is a system that enables the foam, which is capable of adhering on both horizontal and vertical surfaces in less densities upon combination of pressurized water with foam, to overlay the flammable region. At the same time, it prevents the explosive gases from escaping.

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