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Hood Extinguishing Systems

Hood extinguishing systems; assist in extinguishing the fires occurring in the areas where hoods are used. These types of fires are frequently encountered especially in kitchens where the hoods are most preferred. The hoods, which are intended for cleaning the surrounding air, take the air out of the space.

Therefore, they accumulate inflammable substances within their bodies such as oil in particular. If they are not cleaned on a regular basis; the density of inflammable substances such as oil increases day by day and thus fire outbreak is likely. So, it is required to regularly clean hoods and remove the residues accumulated inside. Otherwise, these accumulated inflammable materials and residues may cause a big fire. The most frequent usage areas of hood fire extinguishing systems which send the interior air to outside and assist in keeping the space air clean:

Restaurants, Hotels, Holiday Centers, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions, Industrial Facilities, Airports

The hoods used in such areas may cause fire if necessary measures are not taken. Here hood extinguishing systems are activated. This system with a short activation time; intervenes the spot where the fire breaks out by taking control of safety. The hood extinguishing systems, which are reliable and fast fire extinguishing systems; also prevents in a short time the fires occurring in cookers, chimneys, deep fryers and grills as well as hoods.

This system, which is particularly preferred in kitchen divisions of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, schools, shopping malls and holiday centers; are used by many enterprises because of its features like intervening the event in a short time and instantly activation.

Even a little fire breaking out in kitchens where this system is not used, spreads over the entire building by flaring up suddenly. The main features of hood fire extinguishing systems which are useful for putting out in a short time the fires that break out in hoods located in kitchens of various enterprises:

  • Upon automatically activation of the system, potassium carbonate based-liquid with low PH level developed specifically for such fires spreads over the related area in a short time.
  • The fire occurred in hoods are rapidly detected thanks to the metal detectors situated inside.
  • It blocks the contact of flame with oxygen by sending liquid nozzles in the form of foams to the relevant area.
  • It prevents a little fire which breaks out in a kitchen from spreading over the entire space and precludes the expansion of the event by intervening the fire at the very beginning.

The uses of gas detection, cutting and warning installation have become compulsory in many areas with a regulation issued in 2009.

The regulation issued in 2009 contains the expression “It is obligatory to use gas detection, cutting and warning installation according to the features of the gas used in high buildings out of buildings, shopping malls and cookers situated in kitchens of catering factories”.

At the same time, these systems are required to be used also in kitchens of spaces serving more than 100 people at one time. For this reason, hood extinguishing systems have become more important and started to be used widespread.

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