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Modular Water Tank Installation

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Modular water tank which is built by using together the materials made of stainless steel; is a healthy water tank produced in modular components. Unlike ordinary water tanks, installation and assembly of modular water tanks are quite easy.

They are assembled easily with respect to the usage due to its production in components as modular and become a healthy and stainless water tank. The properties of modular water tank, which is healthy and stainless water tank and can be used very easily, are as follows;

  • Modular water tank; doesn’t generate convenient medium for the growth of moss, bacteria and microbes in former water tanks and therefore it is important with regard to health.
  • It is built as a result of interconnection of modules in pieces.
  • It assists in optimal water storing in the area of storage thanks to its flexible module system.
  • It doesn’t cause loss of area.
  • It can be adjusted according to the size, position and capacity of the space.
  • Each module constituting the modular water tank is designed in such a manner that will pass through door thresholds, stairs and elevators.
  • The panels placed in the modular water tank are fixed with turnbuckles.
  • The kind of materials required for installation of modular water tank during their designs, calculation for locations of turnbuckles that will enhance the resistance in the tank, are made by via computers.
  • After necessary design calculation is done; modular and connection components are dispatched originally to the address of installation.
  • The modular water tank is installed on the relevant place within a short time.
  • The installation is done by experienced and competent personnel.
  • Leakages tests are also applied on the modular water tank after installation.
  • Harmful chemicals are not used during installation.
  • The water in the tank is not polluted.
  • The repair and maintenance of the modular water tank is quite easy.
  • Modular components are suitable for replacement independently from each other.
  • The cost of modular water tank is extremely low.

Modular water tank; is a stainless and healthy water tank which can be installed very easily. This tank, in different sizes, has capacities ranging from 1.250 Liters to 550.000 liters. You can prefer the modular water tank you desired according to the related area and need, and get help about installation.

The Installation of Modular Water Tank

Firstly, designs are calculated in the computer for installation of modular water tank. Later, stainless materials are built according to these designs and modules are prepared. It is mounted on the relevant area by combining the bolts. It is quite easy to mount on. At least 50 cm must be left between the wall and ceiling. Prior to the installation of modular water tank; the concrete is poured according to the sizes given. Then, the installation of modular water tank is done in compliance with relevant area. 
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