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Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

Sprinkler extinguishing systems with 4 different types; are prepared by taking into consideration the details such as the combustible substance, whether it has a shelf order, whether it entails the risk of freezing, risk group and water flow adjusted accordingly, pipe assembly route, whether it is located in earthquake zone. In this line, nozzle model is selected and explosion heat of the nozzle is determined. Valve groups are also arranged according to the models of sprinkler extinguishing systems.

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems,
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems,
  • Deluge Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems,
  • Preaction Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

In wet pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems which are mounted on pipe systems containing water inside and the automatic sprinkler is connected to a certain water resource; sprinkler is opened by the effect of the heat released due to the fire and water flows intensely over the burning material. In this system which is activated automatically upon the effect of the heat resulting from the fire; the water is enabled to pour in the form of rain on the flammable substance.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

In this system, pressurized air is applied to keep closed the valve located between the pipe network water resource and pipe network. Or instead, this region is filled with nitrogen gas. The air pressure is controlled automatically with a valve located at the inlet of the network. The heat released as a result of the fire, activates any sprinkler and the pressure in the pipe network drops rapidly.

The valve located at the inlet of dry pipe network opens automatically upon the drop of pressure and pipes are filled with water and moves towards the fire zone. In the event that wet pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems can’t be used in the regions with lower temperatures; dry pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems are used.

Deluge Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

In Deluge Sprinkler extinguishing systems having a structure similar to wet and dry pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems; the control valve is normally closed. The valve is opened through activation automatically spontaneously by means of a separate fire detection system. They are preferred in the situations necessitating abundant amounts of water within a short time and bringing the fast-spreading fires under control. At the same time, all sprinklers wait opened in this system utilizing standard sprinklers.

Preaction Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

In Preaction sprinkler extinguishing systems that resemble the deluge sprinkler extinguishing systems, however sprinklers are not in opened position; the sprinkler is protected by means of elements capable of melting or glass bulbs. It serves as front-moving valve for the control valve. The front-moving valve opens upon the heat generated as a result of the fire and pipe network is filled with water. In this way, it moves towards the flammable region.
Various equipments are also available for sprinkler extinguishing systems which have 4 different models. These are as follows:

  • Wet alarm valves and accessories,
  • Dry type alarm valves and accessories,
  • Deluge alarm valves and accessories,
  • Preaction alarm valves and accessories,
  • OS&Y type valves,
  • Butterfly type valves,
  • Flow monitor switches,
  • Valve on and off monitor switches,
  • Firefighting connection heads,
  • Test and drainage valves,
  • Devices for measuring the flow,
  • Flow meter devices,
  • Pressure switches,
  • Ball valves,
  • Gate valves,
  • Check valves.
  • The use of sprinkler extinguishing systems has become compulsory in certain buildings and various structures with a regulation enacted recently. Accordingly, sprinkler extinguishing systems are mandatory in the following areas.
  • High-rise buildings outside of offices and residential houses,
  • Office areas higher than 30.50 meters,
  • Apartment buildings higher than 51.59 meters,
  • Parking garage with a capacity of more than 20 vehicles and more than one basement floor,
  • Hostels, hotels or guest houses more than 200 beds,
  • Stores, shopping malls, entertainment venues, meeting rooms and large-scale enterprises constructed on an area of more than 2000 square meters.
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