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Water Mist Extinguishing Systems

The water in the state of a mist cloud with tiny particles; is named as water mist extinguishing. Water mist extinguishing systems; enhance the absorption area of heat energy available in the ambient and therefore they’re used with the name of water mist extinguishing systems among fire extinguishing systems.

This system divided into 2 different groups; can be examined separately as single-agent and double-agent. The most common one between these 2 systems; is the double-agent. With the help of nitrogen-cylinders stored under 200 bar pressure, the cylinders present inside as unpressurized step into action upon explosion of the nozzles.

Homogenous water mist is generated at a level and volume desired by virtue of a special piping system.
There’re many reasons for the widespread use of water mist extinguishing systems. These can be enumerated as follows;

  • Water is needed in an amount of approximately 10% of Sprinkler extinguishing systems . For this reason, their water-consumption is rather low.
  • Pipe dimensions are quite low, they don’t occupy much space.
  • It involves high efficiency; according to the tests conducted for class A and B type fires.
  • It doesn’t constitute harm in terms of human health.
  • The oxygen in the medium falls to 17% from 21% by experiencing a drop of 4% in about 5 minutes.
  • It is not a condition for the area to be completely closed.
  • It immediately expels the oxygen from the fire area.
  • It is capable of fume absorption.
  • It has a 3-dimensional extinguishing effect.
  • It is able to lower ambient temperature from 900 C to 50 C in 1 minute.
  • The conductivity problem is completely eliminated when using pure water.
  • It protects the objects located close to the center of fire; against the heat energy diffusion.
  • It doesn’t present any damage against the environment.
  • The purpose of water mist extinguishing systems;
  • It absorbs and evaporates the heat energy generated in the fire zone. It assists to reduce the heat of the ambient and lowers the heat from 900 C to 50 C.
  • Water mist particles expand 1760 times volumetrically until it changes into gas phase from liquid phase. In this way, it takes away the oxygen present in the combustion zone. It drops the oxygen amount from 21% to 17% in a short time.

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