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Z-type fire-escape stairs are included in firefighting regulations with directives made recently. Now, Z-type fire-escape stairs are preferred. There’re some issues required to be taken into account related to the manufacturing of fire-escape stairs.

  • Soundness,
  • Longevity,
  • Life safety,
  • Construction of escape spots in accordance with instructions.

Fire-escape stairs are manufactured by taking into consideration the aforementioned issues. In case of a fire-escape stairs not compatible with the instructions; then such fire-escape stairs will be returned by official authorities. Fire-escape stairs, the connection points with the buildings connected of which must be very robust; are also required to be sturdy, so capable of bearing the loads arising from crowds in case of emergency. Z-type fire-escape stairs; are manufactured in our workshop in accordance with all procedures by our company.

The manufacturing of fire-escape stairs in such a way that will not spoil the aesthetics of the building visually is an important matter. Taking into consideration the external factors such as rain, snow, cold, hot, wind and manufacturing in this way is of considerable importance. If manufacturing is performed without taking into consideration these conditions; it’s obvious that they will result in accidents in this way. Therefore, our company manufactures fire-escape stairs by taking all these issues into account. The manufacturing of Z-type fire-escape stairs is carried out in compliance with production conditions by our professional staff and craftsmen. It is mandatory to keep fire-escape stairs in schools, classrooms, hospitals, business centers and apartment buildings. The importance of fire-escape stairs is undeniable for rescuing lives not only in fire, but also during earthquakes, floods and similar natural disasters.

You will have taken a major step so as to take control of your life, to protect lives of others and to ensure safety by means of fire-escape stairs. You will have been protected against disasters like fires, floods, earthquakes in this way and you will have had the opportunity for keeping away from such disasters. Our company also acting as conscious of this; performs manufacturing in this field by taking into consideration all details required to be present in fire-escape stairs. In this way, Z-type fire-escape stairs are produced in accordance with procedures and offered to you in order to ensure safety in your buildings. Fire-escape stairs are manufactured as robust and long-lasting by our skilled craftsmen.

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