Mobile Extinguishers

Teknik Bilgiler :

  • Fiber foam tank with a capacity of 150 liters
  • 2” 400 l / min imported foam menanjör
  • 2” foam maker imported lance
  • 2" 20 mt x 2 pcs friction-resistant fire hose at EN 9222 standards
  • Wheel with brake-mechanism
  • Indicator for filling level
  • 10-12 bar operating pressure
  • 25-30 mt throw distance

Mobile foam systems; are offered with foam units having a capacity of 150 liters. They’re given to the customer as a complete set with 2 canvas hoses and as well as a lance. Mobile foam systems which are generally sold along with AFFF type foam; are also formed as AR-AFFF in line with the customer’s request. In this system to which connection is made with 2 canvas hoses from the existing fire installation; the water is enabled to enter into the unit. Here, the water and the foam in the unit are mixed at desired rate owing to the proportioning feature. In this way, it intervenes in the fire. Mobile foam systems; fights the fire for a longer period of time compared to foam portable extinguishers. In this way, brings the fire under control in an easier way.