Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems

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Tozlu Söndürme Sistemi | Kuru Kimyevi Söndürme

In powder extinguishing systems where chemical powders are used as extinguisher; there’re cylinders in which the powder will be stored, cylinders filled with nitrogen gas serving to push the powder and nozzles with pipe installation ensuring the discharge of powder over the fire zone. The chemical powder used in powder extinguishing systems; forms a layer on burning objects. The contact of flames with the air is cut by this layer and the fire is put out without any trouble by intervening in the fire zone. This system that can be used in 2 different ways with respect to volume and local protection; contains such properties.
The Properties of Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishing Systems

  • Their extinguishing time is very short compared to other extinguishing systems.
  • They may be preferred for local extinguishing purposes.
  • They are preferred in the areas and situations where the use of watery systems is deemed inappropriate.
  • They necessitate minimum pipe diameter.
  • Different sides of powder extinguishing systems having 2 different types as volume and local protection are as follows:
  • Volume protection system is used in completely closed areas. It may contain openings like about 2% or 3% of total surface area. It can’t be used if there’s an opening in excess of this ratio. The valves used must have international approvals.
  • Local protection system can be preferred in partially opened or closed areas. Again, the valves have international approval as in volume protection system.

The usage areas of powder extinguishing systems, the extinguishing periods of which are very short compared to other extinguishing systems are as follows:

  • Petroleum refineries,
  • Plants engaged in production of chemical substances,
  • Paint booths,
  • Coating rooms,
  • LPG pump stations,
  • Aircraft hangars,
  • Pump divisions,
  • Generator divisions,
  • Board divisions,
  • Combustible liquid reservoirs,
  • Flammable liquid reservoirs.