Eksel has been contributing to the development and growth of the industry with a wide range of products and services in fire safety sector since 2007.
It has rapidly taken its place in the sector with its solution-producing experienced staff by aiming at production and has a say in the manufacture of fire safety equipments.

eksel yangin hakkimizda

Our Vision

Fast increasing population of the world also leads the growth of living areas at same speed. Therefore, we’re aware of the entailing threats of an uncontrollable growth. Disasters arise unless measures are taken. Eksel has adopted as principle to produce, investigate and develop solutions with the intention of avoiding fire disasters.

Although fire brigade constituting the basis of today’s firefighting ranks first in fire safety industry, we believe that Turkish firms were late to carry out productions at international standards.

We’re proud of being preferred and offering solutions for fire safety industry not only within our boundaries but also in many countries of Asia, Middle East and Africa as a producer, as a production improver and as a Turkish brand.

Our Mision

  • To offer high-quality and convenient solutions to our customers,
  • To produce and improve advanced technology in fire safety sector,
  • To go beyond our borders by producing export products and to contribute to Turkey’s economy.