Our company firstly aims at preclusion of fires by dint of fire extinguishing systems provided by our company. Then, it prevents the expansion and spread of fires over the surrounding area. Eksel Yangın, which has the intention of protecting life and property safety of the people as a mission and vision. Eksel Yangın offers fog extinguishing systems, water extinguishing systems, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, foam and powder containing chemical content to their customers.

yangin sondurme danismanlikConsultancy

We provide consultancy services for our customers about drawing up fire scenarios, selection of appropriate systems against possible fires and the precautions required to be taken against fire. Our service is based on international standards and we provide consultancy service in this way.

yangin sondurme projelendirmeProject Planning

We design fire protection systems by utilizing current account and software support by virtue of our professional and expert engineers. We continue our project planning studies in accordance with international fire standards.

yangin sondurme malzeme teminiMaterial Supply

All equipments required for fire protection systems are supplied from leading companies in our country and from international companies with high-level technology. In this way, no troubles and equipment problems are experienced in any of our systems. You can prefer our fire extinguishing systems available within our firm with quality and reliability.

yangin sondurme uygulamaApplication & Assembly

Primarily, the installation of fire extinguishing systems is performed by our expert staff. Later, our engineers control the usability of the system by conducting various tests. Test procedures are implemented by our engineers and function tests are carried out. After these tests, the related system is delivered to the user in good working order.

yangin sondurme devreye almakCommissioning

We procure original high-quality materials and perform turnkey assembly for fire detection and extinguishing systems necessitating expertise. So, you don’t need to meddle in any work and we will design the system from start to finish, and make the turnkey delivery to you.

yangin sondurme kontratli bakimContracted Maintenance

We also carry out contracted periodical maintenance service together with the fire extinguishing system that you have purchased. We also offer contracted periodical maintenance service for long-serving same smooth and efficient operation of fire extinguishing and detection systems installed in buildings.